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To learn more about The Rotary Foundation's PEP program TRF has prepared the following frequently asked question sheet in 




PEP Goals are to: 

• increase the quality and likelihood of sustainability of Rotarian-led water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) projects 

• enhance Rotary’s profile, reputation, and image 

• utilize and leverage Rotarian expertise to enhance and improve project design 

• increase external funding as a result of strong projects and enhanced public image 

• transition from short-term projects to long-term and more comprehensive programs that holistically address community needs. 

The Project Enhancement Process (PEP) is an initiative by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) to strategically utilize its volunteer and staff resources to sharpen Rotary’s focus, enhance the technical quality of projects, support sound project design, make effective grants, and measure our impact in the areas of focus. The pilot will concentrate on achieving these objectives in the water and sanitation area of focus. 


Thanks to all who participated for a GREAT Wasrag World Water Summit 6, Sydney, Australia Friday May 30, 2014
Looking forward to WWSVII in Sao Paolo! Details to follow.

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