The Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) is appointing WASRAG Ambassadors to represent WASRAG in their local districts.  The goals of Ambassadors are those of WASRAG , i.e.:
•    To provide information, support and encouragement to Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and districts, and
•    To take active roles in projects/programs to develop safe water and sanitation as a means of promoting health and alleviating hunger.
An overview of the initiative that further describes the conditions and responsibilities of the Ambassadorship is provided in the section “About Us”.  While it is a volunteer position, it holds great responsibility as well as the potential to make a significant contribution toward achieving universal access to clean water, hygiene education and improved sanitation.
If you are interested in being appointed as a WASRAG Ambassador, please submit a personal application form, which may be accessed using the address below:
By this means, you will communicate to us your interest and the region (e..g. district, country) for which you could act as an Ambassador.  If you have questions you may direct them to the Ambassador Project Manager, Ginny Ryan at Ginny@WASRAG.org.  


The WASRAG Ambassadors Corps was initiated by WASRAG in 2016 and is comprised of volunteers chosen by the Operations Team of the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) to represent WASRAG interests and objectives in defined regions of the Rotary World.  Ambassadors are selected based upon their ability to work within their region as a liaison between their local Rotary Clubs, district leadership and WASRAG.  They facilitate the development of human and technical capacity of Rotary Clubs and Districts for the delivery of sustainable WASH interventions . They also seek to increase the membership of the organization as active members in WASRAG are vital for the continued growth of sustainable WASH programs throughout the Rotary World.  


Ambassadors, as volunteers, are Rotarians, members of WASRAG and have a passion of WASH programs.   They must be able to communicate easily and be respected by Rotarians within their District.
Ambassadors are charged with promoting effective and sustainable Rotary water, sanitation and hygiene projects in their regions.  To this end they may engage in the following activities as well as others relevant to the goals of the corps.
  • Encourage and facilitate WASRAG memberships
  • Develop and promote a “Speakers’ Bureau” to provide speakers for club meetings and district events.
  • Encourage local activities within their region that will promote the objectives of WASRAG and WASH  initiatives.
  • Develop and maintain liaisons with municipal authorities, NGOs and other partners to support local clubs in developing sustainable projects through partnerships with these entities.
  • Act as a conduit between WASRAG and their local clubs to provide the most current information about Rotary WASH related initiatives and objectives, e.g. posting articles in their district and club newsletters and alerting local Rotarians to upcoming Rotary webinars.
  • Encourage resources within their region to engage in various Rotary and WASRAG pursuits, e.g. sustainable water, sanitation and behavior change initiatives.
  • Disseminate information/needs assessment data about their region to others in Rotary in the effort to enhance the quality, relevance and sustainability of projects undertaken in their region.
  • Identify individual Rotarians in their region that may support Rotary and WASRAG initiatives, in activities such as grant development, project review, school certification application scoring, project enhancement activities, etc.
  • Reporting Responsibilities
Ambassadors are required to submit an annual activity report in May of each year for presentation at the Annual General Meeting held during the Rotary International Convention..


Ambassadors serve for one three year term and can be reappointed for another 3 year term.


An annual meeting of Ambassadors is held at the International Convention, at which time Ambassadors take the opportunity to meet and share their experiences with their peers and WASRAG leadership.
The following ambassadors are available to provide help and information.  If there is no ambassador for the area in which you are interested, check back later as the number is  constantly increasing.
9211 Tanzania
4170 Mexico
2490 Israel, Romania, Poland, Hungary
7500 New Jersey, USA
5890 Texas, USA
Moses Musitwa
9211 Uganda
Patrick Obath
9212 Kenya
9920 Oceania
3230 India
3150 Zone 456a India
9980 New Zealand
5020 Pacific NW, USA
District 2750, Taipei
District 6990, Florida, USA
Narayan Murarka
6440  Northern Illinois, USA
Michelle Snyder
6150  NE Arkansas, USA
Gary Sobotta
6380  SE Michigan, USA
Peter Staermose
1470  Denmark