WASH in Healthcare facilities is a rapidly growing area of interest - even among some Rotarians.
As we kick off 2019, we wanted to take a moment to review the progress made over the past year on WASH in Healthcare Facilities. Beginning with the meeting at the Pan American Health Organization in January 2018, together we have driven momentum and action on the issue. Our community has expanded over the course of the year and we welcome those who are joining the movement. We see even greater potential to create change in 2019.

Below is a short summary of the WASH in Healthcare Facilities activities taking place in 2018, as well as an update on what to look out for in 2019. You are invited to join a call via Zoom on Wednesday, January 16 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST, which will provide additional details from the update and highlight opportunities for our US colleagues. You can join here or call in (+1-646-558-8656, Meeting ID: 843 496 446). 
WASH in Healthcare Facilities: 2018 Summary

 Below is a snapshot of the progress made this year on WASH in HCF. Many of you have been actively working on the issue, and we recognize that this list is by no means comprehensive. In
some cases, a single bullet point reported below represents multiple activities. Ultimately, you can see tremendous progress has been made, in no small part thanks to your efforts.

Global Advocacy
- Engaged the UN Secretary-General (UNSG) António Guterres who issued a Call to Action on WASH in HCF on World Water Day (March 22). Deputy Secretary-General
Amina Mohammed reinforced the Call to Action during her keynote speech at SIWI World Water Week.
- Supported WHO and UNICEF as they developed a Response to the Call to Action, following a meeting in Geneva in May. The document includes Metrics for Progress with
benchmark targets to reach universal coverage by 2030.
- Recognizing the importance of the UNSG’s Call to Action, WHO 
Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus submitted a report to the WHO Executive Board on the issue, including activities and next steps
- Engaged Colombian President Ivan Duque, who made a statement in support of the Call to Action at the Concordia Annual Summit during the United Nations General Assembly
- Identified coordinated steps with Kevin Rudd, Chairman of Sanitation and Water for All, on WASH in HCF
- Corresponded with the African Union (AU) and the Pan-African Parliament regarding the Call to Action, following meetings with the AU Ambassador and AU Permanent-Representative to the US. The AU Ambassador has proposed raising the issue at the next session of the Pan-African Parliament in May in South Africa.
- UNICEF’s Every Child ALIVE event highlighted WASH in HCF during the High-Level Political Forum in June, including Executive Director Henrietta Fore
- WHO hired a consultant team to support their WASH in HCF activities and UNICEF is currently seeking an expert to guide their global awareness and advocacy efforts over the next year.

US Advocacy
- Hosted a first of its kind roundtable on WASH in HCF in the US at PAHO in January, including 40 experts and practitioners in WASH and health
- USAID hosted a workshop in June on IPC for mothers and babies, which included a strong focus on WASH in HCF
- Engaged key decision-makers to push for WASH in HCF prioritization, including Mark Green and his team at USAID, State Dept, CDC, and Capitol Hill
- Included WASH in HCF language in the FY19 Labor HHS appropriations report related to the Global Water Strategy (pg. 82)
- Curated a photo exhibit of WASH in Ethiopian HCF, which was presented at six conferences in the US, UK, and Canada including Rotary’s Annual WASRAG meeting. The exhibit is available for use in future events, while plans are underway for a permanent exhibit to be on display at the Engineers Without Borders office (Denver, CO).
- Published a variety of articles and blogs in US outlets, highlighting the issue and opportunities to take action (see selected articles in 
the section below) 
Partnerships & Expert Networking
- Built and strengthened linkages among leading implementers to fill communication and coordination gap
- Reached out to potential champions within the health, WASH and development communities to advocate for their engagement on the issue (ex: visit from Madame Toyin
Saraki, Founder/President of the Well Being Foundation Africa and the inaugural Goodwill Ambassador for the International Confederation of Midwives)
- Aggregated expertise from leading faith-based organizations (FBO) and implementers and raised awareness among the faith-based community, including a presentation at the
Vatican’s Water Conference in November and training on WASH in HCF for several African Christian Health Associations in Nairobi.

Knowledge Base
- WHO and UNICEF drafted an Actions & Solutions document, currently under review, which includes case studies. It is slated for release in Spring 2019.
- Redesign of www.WASHinHCF.org, which aims to enhance the existing site by sharing success stories and updated case studies, improve the compendium of resources, and
highlight key messages. A vendor has been identified and the redesign is underway with plans for relaunch in March 2019.
- A new WASH in HCF Initiative webinar series dives into topics related to WASH in HCF on monthly sessions. It will continue in January 2019.

- Provided grants to support in-country advocacy by local organizations in Malawi, Kenya, Bangladesh, and South Africa
- Engaged multiple leaders at the World Bank with a focus on areas of collaboration, including, for example, working with existing trust funds and entities such as the Global Financing Facility. Also discussed participation in upcoming events like the Civil Society Policy Forum.
- Engaged multiple corporations with particular emphasis on companies with focal areas in health, water and hygiene. Topics include collaboration in countries of mutual interest and identification of ways to include WASH in existing corporate health-related programs, such as maternal and child health.
- Met with multiple private foundations to discuss integrating WASH in HCF into their program-related investments
- Identified and discussed opportunities with impact investment funds and related private entities, focused on healthcare financing in particular

The next year holds even greater opportunity for driving action on WASH in HCF. Below is a list of our Top 10 activities to look out for in 2019, with more to come:
1. Member states of WHO’s Executive Board, led by Tanzania, are jointly proposing a draft resolution on WASH in HCF for discussion at the Executive Board Meeting in January. If the Executive Board recommends transmission of the resolution to the World Health Assembly (consensus approval anticipated), then the resolution will be up for adoption by the WHO Member States during the Assembly in May.
2. The State Department is planning a World Water Day event on March 21st on WASH and Health, with a significant focus on healthcare facilities.
3. The launch of the redesigned WASHinHCF.org website is slated for March 2019.
4. The first global monitoring report from the JMP and the Actions and Solutions Document on WASH in HCFare expected to be published in Spring 2019.
5. A WHO/UNICEF global meeting on WASH in HCF, focusing on country engagement, has been postponed and is now planned for June/July 2019. Dates and location forthcoming.
6. A convening of global health partners and the engagement of the medical community, emphasizing the importance of the issue and their role in moving the needle, are both major initiatives for 2019.
7. A commitments meeting for external partners from the public and private sector will be organized in the US to drum up support for the countries committed to the Call to Action and the 2030 goal of universal coverage.
8. Further engaging the faith-based community will take place in 2019, including a workshop on WASH in HCF at the Africa Christian Health Associations Platform’s biennial meeting in Cameroon in February and a roundtable of US-based FBOs with a focus on implementation and funding priorities related to WASH in HCF.
9. To continue raising the profile of WASH in HCF, the goal in 2019 is to publish additional articles and op-eds on the issue. Collaboration and consultation from GW2020 communications specialist is available to those would be interested in supporting this effort.
10. The WASH in HCF Initiative webinars will resume, with topics including costing, health impact research and available tools such as TEACH CLEAN. The webinar will also include several special sessions in French.

This year saw a range of earned media generated by this group, focused specifically on WASH in HCF. Media outlets include: USA Today, The Hill, The Daily Caller, Devex, Inside
Philanthropy, Buzzfeed, health blogs and trade publications.

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